V Comes Out to Play! But Went Back Inside.

I haven’t done a week in review in over 2 months! In the past couple weeks, my eventful, uneventful life had some moments. Some moments, I have shared, and some I haven’t. So here is a bit of an update … I finally went out in the evening time to a poetry open mic event… and I went ALONE. Yep, I did it! It was very small and quaint. But overall, I just started talking to people and met some cool people, who even tried to convince me to recite a poem on open mic. I was like oooooooohh noooo. I am NOT ready for all of that. But, in hindsight, I should have. I think soon, I will break my virginity of reciting on open mic. I must relive the Nina moment in Love Jones!

nina hair flying 

Another first in this new town is I finally went on a date. And it was great! We sat and spoke for hours. Nice, right? I was so proud of myself for not bailing out on this one. Ha! But that was the only time I saw this guy. He religiously texts everyday and never skips a day. But he still doesn’t know much about me and doesn’t seem too eager either. Then the textversation gets more sexual. I laugh it off at first, because at the end of the day, that is what’s on their mind. I get it. But express your interest, RESPECTFULLY and move THE FUCK ON. Sorry for the vulgarity, but this is a pet peeve and a common theme I’ve witnessed as of late. I do not engage in it, and it eventually stops, however, when that becomes the only time you engage in this wack ass textversation, it gets really old really fast. When it isn’t him trying to see if you down to Fu- . Then he stops replying or his replies are hour or two apart until you don’t respond and the next day hits you up in the afternoon with “Hey Gorgeous” or “ Hey my boo” my reaction….no reaction. I delete the thread and say to myself, “boy bye.” I can’t with these men. We didn’t even get to date two. Sorry, not sorry. #kanyeshurg

kanye stop it alright 

I must say I love my job. Finally! My coworkers are great and I am really building some friendships with a couple of people and that feels great. What a feeling to be valued at work! I forgot what that felt like. For someone, your boss at that, ask you “What do you think?” Say word???

kelly shocked

I even got an email from a recruiter a couple of days ago about a job opportunities for a manager job in a different company and I have no interest. Why? I have a great schedule, a great manager, and wonderful coworkers. I am not leaving this for the unknown, even for more money. I think I am going to ride this out and just be patient. Things will work out for my favor. I can feel it.

With time, things will get better for me with adjusting to being all alone here, but the way things are panning, that won’t be for long. I am learning to love spending time by myself, catching up on books and just giggling all day when I am at work. If you ask me, I think I have it pretty good here. I think I’ll stay. 

carlton dance



4 thoughts on “V Comes Out to Play! But Went Back Inside.

  1. Oh the language you have. I guess you never lived in an area like Bellerose Village, all exclusive or realized how common people on here are. Oddly we both have been in the same states. You are literally the first person I could say that about. Went To U of H, FSU and lived a time or two in between taking care of the family business in NY. Never thought I would see someone as similar. Oh and I know too well about up and moving out of nowhere. It happened a lot, while pretty young and in Undergrad, got back and forth to Houston and the second year got Hodgkins. Had to pack and leave almost everything after driving across the first time. Back and forth with a mother with Leukemia, grandparents both with cancer, a truant little sister. I enjoyed the family business, nothing wrong with 6 to 7 figures training horses as a kid. I have some owners in place but yearn to be back in Texas as I have more friends there. I’m older than you, no kids and sadly, for the most part guys (women tend to never say yea me too) have mainly sex on the mind. I have never understood it, but then again I never worried about it and the sexting seems so juvenile. Cheers

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    • How crazy is that! NY, (you say bellerose and I think I know where that is! LI/Queens right?) FLA, I went to FAMU, and now Texas! Not often as do you see this, so glad to know I have a travel twin here. Man, you had a serious life and you are a survivor. Come on back to Texas! Where true southern hospitality lives! Lol
      I agree with you. Sexting is juvenile and it just shows where the generation is when it comes to courtship. It simple doesn’t exist!


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