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  1. V, I almost chose that pic for the very reason that you so eloquently articulated. We rarely “pause” to reflect and enjoy living. I would venture to say that someone on another bench was doing the exact, same thing. 🙂 Keep writing, and I’ll keep reading.

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  2. Thanks for following my blog The Geo Gee Experience. I like the structure of your blog and it’s unique name. I’m looking forward to reading what I anticipate is going to be really engaging content.


  3. If you are interested in using social media to increase traffic to your site, you might want to create a podcast to drive traffic to your site. You could share it on social media. I’m hosting a recurring event once each month, where people post a podcast (audio maybe) or video; embed/post it on their site; and more. At the very least it is another interesting feature or tool, increasing visual elements.

    Please visit my blog for further info. on how to participate in this:

    Event is the first Wednesday of each month, starting Jan. 6th, 2016. Hope this is of interest to you and helps your blog along.


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