Oh, The Dating Woes…

Oh these dating woes…

online dating

I can’t figure it out if it’s just me or if it’s these men I am chatting it up with. I have yet to met anyone in my new town because I think everyone is crazy. I mean some guys love to hit me with the “wyd” after a couple of messages. I am instantly annoyed. To me that symbolizes someone after a hook up. But I try not to be too presumptuous so I play along, only to block them 20 minutes later because they want pictures and tell me how cute I am but don’t truly try to get know me. Is that so much to ask? Apparently so..

rih eye roll

I decided to compile yet another list but this time of online dating turnoffs for most educated women.new-girl-winston-creep

  1. Shorthand is so lazy. WYD, IJS, ‘U” is an instant turn off.
  2. If he works from home…he may not understand a standard workday…Those “wyd”  texts come far too frequently. “Working man!” *eye rolls*
  3. He wants pictures before he asks you for your name
  4. Never asks to meet up but only at night… nah son. I need to see your face in the daylight.
  5. He always TEXTS but never calls…. suspect
  6. He acts like he is the prize and not you… no boo. I am the prize.brain angry
  7. Honestly, trust your GUT. You know deep down if you should take it to the next level and meet offline.
  8. If he is trying to “wife” you without meeting you and making plans for your life and you don’t even know his last name. No No No. I am running for the hills. I don’t want to meet you now and you have found a place on my blocked list.  deal breaker
  9. The forever pen pals. I will leave that there.
  10. He speaks of marriage within the first week of chatting. RED FLAG. RUN!

I think at times I have way too many expectations for some of these guys and other times simply don’t want to be bothered. I am so good in my place of peace that it will take someone really great and worthwhile to get me out. I have had luck in the past with online dating. So I won’t knock it too hard, but I tell you what, it makes it much easier when you know what you want. You won’t waste your time or theirs.


What are some of your woes? I know men have them too! I hear about it all the time! Share!



15 thoughts on “Oh, The Dating Woes…

  1. Some men just don’t know how to approach a woman. I’m guilty of a couple of these. To be honest, I am guilty of number 10. I knew I was going to marry my wife, at first sight. I never went around doing it to every woman, she was the first I said that to. I would suggest these methods.

    1. Phone conversation – if there are any awkward moments of silence and/or the guy can’t stop talking without listening, its no bueno. A conversation that is the yin to your yang is a key to a great friendship. If a person can’t call you and have a actual phone conversation EVERYDAY, you are not that important and they are playing games. There are 24 hrs in a day, and if a person can’t make 15-30 mins a day to talk to you. They are full of shit. I work a 60+ hour work schedule every week, and made time for my wife when I met her. Whether driving back home from work, or on lunch break (I did both) they have time. Think about it, they made time for a dating service.

    2. Pictures- if you haven’t seen the guy, ask him to post a modern picture holding three or four fingers. It sounds goofy, but it is a way of avoiding catfish games. Men want to see a picture to know who they are talking to. As long as your profile pic is a month or two old, you shouldn’t have to. If you have a full body pic, that is even better. Its better to get the pics out there so there will be no surprises. The worst date is a catfish date.

    3. Goals- what are you looking for, a long relationship, just a hookup, girlfriend, or what? Its always good to hear what a man wants. The worst thing to be is ambiguous. He can date whoever and you can date whoever, but y’all are “friends”. Someone always catches feelings and it can drag for years. No bueno.

    4. Religion- What are your personal beliefs? What is take on religion, are you into spirituality…. Etc. To know what a persons belief system is great to know. If there is an event that you celebrate that he doesn’t want to attend, you should have a deep understanding why.

    5. Dating is serious, don’t let a man tell you some bull crap about “why are you taking things serious, or rushing too fast?” This is emotions we are dealing with, of course its serious. And taking things too fast, it should be mutually clear what you are working towards. Don’t be caught in the games. Know what you want.

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    • I almost jumped out of my seat just now. You hit the nail on the head Eddie! A simple phone call isn’t so hard! You are right, we tend to make it so easy for these men, we just end up disappointed.
      What are the goals? Intentions? Religion is another deal breaker. I had one guy ask If I would date a non believer. I am like noo…I am not a dog lover either… lol thats another issue.
      I know what I want! Thats the good part, hence why I keep passing on everyone. I just feel at times I am getting in my own way, but reading your reply makes me know I am not crazy and will stay the course.

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  2. This was interesting & entertaining post. I’m glad I stumbled upon this. I have question for you for the most part with your “dating woes” do you find to have the most issues with the more attractive or unattractive men when it comes to dating?

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    • Thank you. You know both. I feel that the attractive men know that they are attractive so they exercise their options and tend to play the field. However, with my personal experiences it’s less to do with looks and more so to do with stature. The ones that feel they have so much to offer act as if they are the prize and not the women. I see it as, I am also educated and have a good personality, hell I think I’m funny too, I have a lot of offer but they never get to that point because they are so self absorbed in their own success to see mine or appreciate me. They look for the quick hook up. I’m not for it, so I keep moving. That type of man becomes unattractive in all senses of the word. The physically unattractive man with everything to offer that has great character and education, funny personality, charisma , etc. I have yet to find. If their personality is on point, I listen. They become attractive after time.
      In my conquest, I search qualities more so than looks. But in all fairness, I have to be able to look at him! I’m human as well.

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