I. F. W.

As a woman, I know I struggle with deciphering between 3 things.




Intuition is something we, as women, are born with. It’s innate. We have that feeling when things with your significant other is not right, when your child is in danger or simply needs your help, or when a career move is just not right. There are times we can’t even justify our feelings, we just know.

Then we have fear. Fear throws all of what we think we know into confusion and at times chaos. Fear doesn’t allow you to truly tap into your intuition. It just makes it scared to trust it.

Finally there is good old wisdom. That’s your experience. There is nothing like wisdom to lead you to where you need to be based on where you came from. Wisdom is golden. Wisdom is priceless.

My issue. Not being able to navigate between all three. Is what I’m feeling my women’s intuition? Is it fear of the unknown? Or have I seen this before? It feels familiar. How many women struggle with this? I consider myself to be a smart woman, and yet there are times I get in my own way and there were other times where I’ve saved myself from heartbreak, bad career choices and so much more.  

The struggle is real.


13 thoughts on “I. F. W.

  1. Great insight into women’s thinking. I use to always trust my gut feeling and one day I was wrong 100%. It made me second guess my gut feeling. Now I try not to over think things. Is that similar to what you are going through?

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    • Well I haven’t been wrong yet, I’ve been hasty but it always turned out to be what I’ve felt it to be. Now, what I’m currently dealing with is something that I already know deep down but can’t bring myself to do it because I didn’t have the right signs. But now, I think I do. Gotta follow that gut. I feel that God has whispered to me well beforehand.

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      • That’s true. I hope it doesn’t effect you severely like it did with me. Even though I’m not a woman (was raised be women) I somewhat understand what you are going through.

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      • Nah I don’t think it will.. my faith is bigger than this transgression. I just need my mind to catch up to what heart already knows, ya know? Being raised by women, you get it! Men have gut feelings too!

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  2. Nice! Definitely a struggle that many of us can relate to. I think that wisdom is the easiest of the three to identify as we can compare our thoughts to something that we’ve experienced or learned from others. But fear and intuition…those can get really muggy. I guess its best if it allow our wisdom to guide is in both areas…asking ourselves “can what I’m feeling/thinking right now be supported by the experiences/wisdom that I trust so dearly? Or are my current feelings/thoughts inconsistent with what life has taught me?”

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