I read this post and it bought me life! I haven’t been big on reblogging other posts, but this one spoke to me. Love the way she expressed her thoughts and I connected with it!


Taryn Down Walls

Dear almost-lovers,

Thank you for gifting me withtime I would have otherwise wasted.

If currency could buy minutes, I’d take out a loan too big to ever pay off. More often than not, I look back on a relationship and realize that although lessons had been learned, I could have ended it much sooner. Of course I didn’t, because sometimes your heart forgets what your mind needs, and your nights get lonely, and you settle. So thank you; thank you for reminding me that I should never feel like an option, and when I do…you’re no longer my priority.

Thank you for doing the dirty work.

I take no pleasure in goodbyes. So, even though you didn’t give me one, thank you for not making me come up with the words to break another human’s heart. It crushes my soul to not reciprocate interest. For me, it’s always been easier…

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3 thoughts on “A Letter To The Boys Who Refused To Be My Man

  1. I loved this. Definitely a book of poetry you give to your daughter, best friend, or sister. Someone should tell her to look for publishing and get to scribbling.

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