On This Week’s Episode of Keeping Up With V…


I can’t say this enough. Women we have to stop tearing each other down. Period. We must hold each other accountable and speak positivity into each other. How will we evolve as people? This seems to be a environment where accountability is shamed and judged. Where morality is spoken of but not proactive and integrity is..what is that again?

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I guess I’ll simply be the sell out or too “corporate” because I hold myself to a higher regard. But guess what ladies? I won’t kick you while you are down, I’ll just slide back in my spot and keep it pushing. When you finally get a hold of yourself, I’ll be here but probably on to bigger and better things. Ya know, like evolving?

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I can’t say this enough. I always choose peace over poison. Peace over drama. Being in relationship, I value this more and more. Witnessing another couple do the complete opposite, makes me value what I have that much more. I always knew he was great. But “our” greatness just elevated. Finding a partner that compliments who you are is a must. Being uplifted, held accountable, having someone support your goals and dreams. Priceless.


Therefore, I pick and choose my battles with him. I value what we have so much more than simply being right. If I’m always right (which I usually am lol) how will I grow? How will “we” grow? I have no pride when it comes to us. 


I have none here in my new area, a few acquaintances, yes.  All of my friends are back home. I hold those I call friends to a higher regard. I have a great man, yes. But to say, I have a good female friend that I can talk to and do things women do- brunch and mimosas duh!- is proving to be difficult. Making friends as an adult is hard in itself but just seeing how those around me move is truly displeasing. I will never be able to replace my best friend- I mean ever! And my friends which we call our crew the circle of greatness. How can that be topped? 

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But it would be nice to find women here of like minds who value peace, have integrity and drama free! Sounds like an ad for friendship. I digress…


My son is going to college in a year and I’m about to not be able to deal. I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels like their child is still a child and isn’t ready to go out into this cruel, cruel world. The countdown to letting go is about to begin. First they drive you insane with their teenage moody antics, then they have the nerve to want to leave you. But I guess my son never leaving is scary in itself. The mere thought of him yelling “Ma! the meatloaf” from some basement may have me pushing him out the door myself. 

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My son is somewhat of a late bloomer. Girls have started becoming an issue. Out of all the girls he can like, why like the worse one? Is it to spite his poor ole mother? Let me tell it, I will play this card for life with him! I think if he simply let me choose his girlfriends, we both would be happy. …

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… Ok maybe just me. I began to wonder, did I do this to my mom when I brought my first boy home? Yep I sure did. My mom was about to die. I now understand the sentiment…And to think, I just found out about the girl. I haven’t even met her. MomZilla I am. Pray for me guys.

This is it for this week’s edition of Keeping Up With V. ‘Till next time…


15 thoughts on “On This Week’s Episode of Keeping Up With V…

  1. Ahem … you could pick his gf (no names) but u still wouldn’t like her lol.

    So glad to see you writing again. The new friends will come love. All great things always have a way of finding us.

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    • Lawdddd lol! I don’t think I will like anyone to be honest. No one is good enough for my boo boo!
      Thanks! Feels good to be back in my writing element. Such a great form of expression for me.
      Since moving all great things have happened. The friends will come in time.


  2. Yet again I resonate with another one of your posts. Women break each other down because of jealousy which I feel like if your life ain’t then fix it. Don’t be mad because someone is more poppin than you. On the friendship and dating front, I feel like no one I’m encountering is real. I wish it making friends as an adult was easy like making friends when your a child. your hair is pretty, boom we friends. I like whatever band, boom friends.

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  3. V! When each of my three departed for college I was sure to tuck a “Microwave Meatloaf” recipe card in one of their boxes where they’d be certain to find it! Totally eliminates the Meatloaf-Basement possibilities! 😉 And I am sure you will be pleased with some of the choices he will make & dis-heartened by others, but in the end you will continue to be proud of the man he is aspiring to be!! Hugs & blessings and again…WELCOME back!!

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    • Thank you!!! I only have one so you have so much more experience. Hopefully when I have more(maybe) I will get better. I am sooooo tucking in recipes for microwaveable food! Yea I think the biggest thing for me is to let up on control and let him be! It’s so hard when he has been my world. I’m trying! One day at a time…


  4. Girl I just love how much you support women! I can relate to so much of this; especially with struggling to find quality friendships outside of the one’s I’ve already developed. But I think you just gave me a self-check with this comment here:

    “I value what we have so much more than simply being right. If I’m always right (which I usually am lol) how will I grow? How will “we” grow? I have no pride when it comes to us.”

    Wow! If this doesn’t force me to reevaluate how I view the differences of opinion that I have with others…I don’t know what will. Thanks boo!

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    • Thank you!! Girl I gotta support other women! So that’s why it is so hard when I see women putting each other down and being nasty.
      Yes that comment (thought) is what checked me several times. It definitely puts every relationship you will have with other people in perspective. Before I react I try to say wait a min., what am I not seeing? What am I not understanding.
      Thank you for reading! I need to get on another post soon!!

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