My May Flowers


Its been a while since I sat down and wrote a blog post! I must say this feels great to be able to sit down now and just release what is on my mind. Today is May 1st and marks the first day of a big month for me. I am moving to a new state. I can’t believe it. I have been running around like a mad woman, trying to do EVERYTHING and finally had to stop and tell myself that I can’t do it all. I must put ME in the forefront.

Today, I didn’t attend church online, but went to church instead and a lot of things dawned on me. I am running in so many directions that the main direction I need to run in, I am not. Many people that know me will tell you that I am not overly religious, but rather more spiritual; however, today I am starting a new journey of reflection and a religious journey by subscribing to some plans that will allow me to commit daily to. I think this month of May needs to be all encompassing and the major transition that I am making needs to be of a positive nature. I am cutting out a lot of ‘noise’ and focusing on what needs to be done…releasing what needs to be released and embracing what needs to be embraced. Love, peace and God.

I look forward to this journey.


SN: I’ll still be belting out every song on Beyonce’s new album along the way.  I’m kind of a fanatic.


10 thoughts on “My May Flowers

  1. I’m with ya on working on embracing God. I have always gone to a religious school, except when I graduated and hit university, but never really looked into a relationship with Him after I hit grade 11. But last year I was at a service, my loving boyfriend and I had been talking about my relationship with God, and I made the quiet decision to let God into my life again.
    It’s not easy! But I am working on it every day. I have your back if you need to chat.
    May I pray, well I guess chat, for you?

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  2. Sounds like evaluation time. Sometimes we just have to decide what is really important in this life. If there is an afterlife, as I believe there is, then priorities in this life matter. Peace to you. We all need occasional adjustments in the priorities of our life. Congratulations of seeking a closer relationship with God.

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