Today’s writing assignment for writing101 is to create a scene with coffee. So here is a little something I came up with. This is not a real story! I wanted to create a scene and see if it comes to life so to speak. Do you see yourself there? Do you feel what she is feeling? What would you have done differently? 


I sit in a corner at Starbucks next to a window with my hoodie on.

It’s always so cold in here. I make sure I sit next to an outlet so I can power up my laptop and recharge my cell. I glanced at my phone and no new messages and no missed calls. No Facebook messages. Nothing. I say to myself “this has to stop!” And flip my phone over so I can’t see the screen. I enter my password to my MacBook and open up Word and proceed to write…

“I wonder if he thinks of me…

I wonder if he still knows I’m here…

I wonder if I show him some more support,

He will realize that I truly do care”

Ugh poem gone wrong. Not how I intended this to go. I press backspace until all the words are gone and go sit in this cold Starbucks and stare at a blinking cursor. What gives?


I give up and turn my phone over…still no missed calls, wait a message! Oh from my mother… No emails. I gotta give this shit up. I’m not gonna hear from him again. It’s evident. It’s been 6 days and a few hours.

I decided to get up and order a tall Flat White with 2 pumps on Vanilla, while I wait, I put my hands in my pocket of my hoodie and look around to see who is here and that’s when I see him. Mr. Disappearing Act. On a date, with a girl. I think it’s a date. Sure looks like one. They are laughing and smiling. Didn’t he see me in the corner? I am a mixture of angry and sad. I grab my drink when they yelled my name and I glance quickly to see if he heard it and he didn’t. He is so engulfed by his date, its like I don’t even exist. I go back to my corner and I stare at them. How affectionate they are. How happy he seems. They both get up and leave and he gives her a warm embrace. I grabbed my phone and text him “Hey, how are you, I haven’t heard from you in a while” He responds “Really busy at work, call you later”

I bet.


42 thoughts on “Hello, It’s Me.

  1. That’s a really good story line. I think I’m torn between walking over and say “Hi, it’s good to see you, would you mind if I joined you?” Or “Hey, I’ve been wondering what you’ve been up to, I hadn’t heard from you since I saw you last. It’s great getting answers to unanswered questions. I’m glad I ran into you!”
    Lol! I don’t know what I would do it just depends.

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  2. I definitely sense the agitation she feels. I am drawn into where she is in life and understand her. Up until she texts him after seeing him on a date with someone else, I would just move on and find another door to open rather than knocking on the one that was obviously closed. I don’t know maybe I’m just unforgiving or passive or both?

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    • No! You are not unforgiving! lol He is a jerk and I agree sometimes its not worth the aggravation and just moving on can save your sanity in dealing with this loser. Her texting him was her way of seeing if he would reply and make it easy for him to respond by being nice and to catch him in a lie. and that she did…

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  3. GREAT storyline !!! After getting that text reply about him being really busy at work , i think I would want to gather my things calmly and just “happen” to walk right on over in his direction and say “Hi ‘SoandSo’, long time no see. Hope work is going well for you!” And smile and exit stage left. “The end “in my brain knowing he has already showed me some true colors.

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  4. I am glad you clarified it’s not a real story. What a jerk! He just got a punch right on his face for lying to and hurting the fictional you! and then we both you would laugh at how funny his face looks with the flattened nose. And then we would walk away with our heads held high. Until a nice looking, handsome man would stop you at say, “Can I buy you a coffee?” And you would say, “yeah, sure as long as you buy my friend one too. ” He would refuse saying, sorry, she’s taken and gesture to his friend sitting in another corner who is looking at me intently.
    Oh, gosh.. i am too over-imaginative. It’s not my fault. It’s yours… what you wrote is so vivid and relatable. 🙂

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  5. Hello V 🙂

    Whenever I read your posts the amazing clarity with which you write surprises me 🙂

    Why? Because you said you are a new blogger! But maybe you were writing through some other medium before?

    I loved reading this vivid scene!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely week ahead 🙂

    Love and light ❤

    Anand 🙂

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  6. She should’ve punched him in his face lol….
    This was written so nice I had to read it twice….
    If the shoe were on the other foot I really don’t know how I would’ve reacted. I definitely would’ve been hurt and upset though. This was a great read.

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    • For real! I would not have reacted that way! But she was hurt and torn.
      Thank you Adrian! But we think we will react one way and when it happens to you we react a different way.
      Thank you again for the feedback!


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